If you are like many people with ADHD, you may feel like you are always busy but you never get enough done.

You may also have a very hard time getting motivated to do work. Sometimes trying to be productive may be so difficult that it leads you to doubt yourself and avoid work until the last possible moment, making it even more stressful. You may feel like if you could just work harder, you would be able to do the things you need to do. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy- if you really could just work your way out of it then you likely would have already.

Not being able to accomplish what you want is frustrating; it causes a lot of anxiety and can make you doubt yourself. These feelings then make it even harder to do your work. Ruminating thoughts associated with self-doubt is distracting and these feelings are so distressing that you avoid doing work so you don’t have to feel the feelings.

I can not only help you find concrete solutions to manage your ADHD symptoms, but also help you cope and navigate through the negative thoughts and feelings that your symptoms create. Through a detailed analysis of your everyday struggles, we will work together to find the hidden hurdles that block your way to success. Once those hurdles are discovered, we will devise concrete, individualized, and hands-on solutions to help you overcome them.

Each week in therapy we will look at what did and did not work and further tailor the solutions to meet your needs. Additionally, these weekly (or sometimes twice a week) meetings will provide accountability and externalized motivation, which help people stay on track.

While we work on these concrete solutions, the emotional ramifications of your symptoms are likely to surface. This live, present moment experience, provides an optimal environment to address and process these feelings in the moment, rather than just being recalled from previous experience.

By addressing both the emotional and the concrete aspects of ADHD I can help you find solutions that create long-term change and success.