ADHD and Addiction

ADHD provides a particular challenge when present in conjunction with addictive tendencies because of the addictive nature of the stimulant medication used to treat ADHD.

Many psychiatrists are reticent to prescribe stimulants to patients with addictive histories and yet 23-40% of people with substance use disorders have ADHD and therefore need treatment. This is where a comprehensive evaluation can be helpful- taking a complete look at a persons cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses and parsing out those that are seeking medication as a symptom of their substance use or those that seek it to address their ADHD symptoms. For those who cannot responsibly be prescribed stimulants, a complete accounting of strengths and weaknesses can help to find non-medication based solutions.

For those who have already reliably determined that they have ADHD and are seeking non-medication based treatment (either with or without conjoint psychiatric treatment) therapy is a valuable option as it can provide concrete solutions to symptoms as well as a safe and compassionate place to explore the feelings associated with both disorders.

I have extensive experience working with people with both ADHD and addiction and I love being able to help people find some sense of peace and order in their lives as the work to recover and thrive with these disorders. Through a combination of concrete, solution-focused strategies, as well as a more supportive exploration of the thoughts and emotions brought up by both disorders; I work together with my clients to find the solutions that fit their life and goals.