By Liz Lewis

If you’re trying to understand ADHD, what it is, what it isn’t, or looking for strategies to help improve your life, you’re in the right place. Each episode explores some aspect of ADHD. Whether you embrace it as a gift or mainly struggle with executive function challenges, you will learn through guests’ personal stories, ah-ha moments, or tips and tricks to try yourself, there’s always something to take away.

There are millions articles online about parenting ADHD children, but there are very few about Parents With ADHD.

I’ve written about it. ADDitude Magazine has had some coverage of it. But there is not a lot of research available about how having ADHD as an adult impacts our ability to parent.

As you can imagine, I got REALLY excited when I noticed Dr. Marcy Caldwell’s session on the 2019 ADHD Conference website.

Her session is entitled, Permission Slips, Lunches, Bedtimes and Beyond: Strategies for Surviving Parenthood with ADHD.

You know me when I get excited! I fired off an email to Dr. Caldwell asking her to be on the podcast and spilling my guts about this website and my interest in parenting WITH ADHD.

After we got our schedules aligned we talked. And the results are this amazing podcast episode.

When we have kids our own issues become amplified.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Why life management is where we need to start
  • Calming the chaos can actually be very emotional
  • Why you can’t just focus on practical strategies without working on the emotional side at the same time
  • The struggle to juggle all the balls as a parent with ADHD
  • Why distracted parenting is a big problem for us
  • How being a parent with ADHD might be an advantage if your child also has ADHD
  • The role of self-care in being the parent you want to be (and treating your ADHD)

Click here to listen to the podcast.